Carved Top Guitar Body


Spec out a custom Carved Top S or T guitar body, choosing from most of our standard options.

This carved top beauty sports a slightly smaller perimeter – somewhere between our Standard S and Dinky S body, and features a 5/8″ thick top. Available with rear rout only. Choose either a Solid or Semi-hollow back. Semi-hollow version features an optional f-hole and rib contour.

This carved top beauty sports the same perimeter as our standard T body and features a 5/8″ thick top. Semi-hollow version features an optional f-hole and rib contour.

If you don’t specifically see the option available, it means that if you want it, you must call or email to get a quote. If you have a question about something, please call or email before placing your order online.

Available on backorder

  • Rear rout bodies include black plastic control cavity cover.


    All bodies are made with 2 piece center-joined construction.

    Super light weight and 1 piece bodies are not always available due to inconsistent supply. If you MUST have a 1 piece or super lightweight body, STOP what you are doing and contact us via email: Check on One Piece or Super Lightweight Body Availability or call 253-446-4048.

    Base price is for a 2 piece Alder body. Other woods are available. See pricing for each.

    All carved tops use a separate 5/8" top. Choose either the same top wood, flame maple or quilted maple. If choosing figured maple, you have an option of a 'Choice' or 'Prime' figured bookmatched top. Figured maple tops incur an upcharge. See pricing below.

    Choose righty or lefty

    Neck pocket width is Fender standard 2-3/16"

    Contoured heel not available on bodies with back binding.

    Top Edge radius of carved top bodies is basically flat, with just enough taken off to get the finish to stick.

    Edge radius measures the "roundness" of the body edge.
    We offer the following options (in order of roundest to sharpest): 1/2", 3/8", 1/4", 3/16"

    Rib cut available on both solid and semi-hollow body.

    Carved Top S Pickup Routs

    Carved Top T Pickup Routs

    Choose whether to include a single f-hole on your semi-hollow body.

    Carved Top T can be had with a T or S Style layout. T Style includes straight blade switch, 1 Vol, 1 Tone. S style layout includes angled blade switch, 1 Vol, 2 Tone. 

    Choose all, any, or none.

    Choose all, any, or none.

    Choose all, any, or none.


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